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“I deserve to look good, feel comfortable in the space I work out in and LOVE exercising again!”

Say it, affirm it, and repeat again.

Now, say hello to Howell’s first women’s gym that gets you there. 

Try your first class FREE.
No credit card required.

So, what is
MISSFIT  anyways?

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MISSFIT classes are designed around HIIT (high intensity interval training). 
Instead of focusing on only one area of your body, MISSFIT incorporates all different types of workouts for a full glow-up.

Think of it like a triangle:

For the best training possible, you need to
tackle each “side” of the triangle.

The workouts are personalized according to your fitness level, so you get a regimen that meets you at your perfect level and gets you in your best shape yet!




Untitled design (75).jpg
Untitled design (75).jpg

Look like a princessfeel like a warrior 

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MISSFIT is meant for the woman who wants to…

Image by Jesper Aggergaard



without crushing

her spirits

Image by Bastien Plu

Look good and

feel even BETTER

in a female-strong group

Move past that barre class and tone all areas of her body

Pivot from the  treadmill-

headphone life

to real connection

All classes are designed with female physique and science in mind.

This is hyper-personal, class-based, instructor-led and ah-mazing.

We want you to feel excited to start your day after an incredible class!

And most of all, we want you to feel that  happiness of leading a balanced, healthy, and empowered  life.

From squats to stilettos

Life is all about balance, and we want you to experience the utmost joy and confidence at MISSFIT because...


 Your coaches instruct you and cheer you on


You master a new technique that was hard for you

heart (1)_edited.png

You have a strong support group of women behind you 


Your heart, mind, and body feel aligned and in control

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“So nu? What’s the price??”

per session
$199 per month


Your membership

This includes unlimited monthly…

Access to the 4400+ square-foot MISSFIT gym

Access to the daily WOD

(workout of the day)

Access to a personal MISSFIT member portal

Access to a select group of pro female instructors

Access to a class of motivated and fabulous women

Thinking of joining but don't want to make a commitment just yet?

Join us for a first free session, no credit card required.

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“Wanna hear something crazy? After seeing what it did for me, my husband would SEND me to the gym…!”


(founder and certified trainer)

Not your mother's gym

(Oh. Wait… it IS :)

MISSFIT is for all women 17+ 

There are women in their 40’s who crush their goals.

30’s, 20’s… even 70’s!


MISSFIT trains both your body AND your mind to conquer everything in your path. And it’s done in a safe environment and comfortable setting with trained pros to guide you. 

Body? Toned 

Muscles? Sculpted 

Brain? Energized 

Mind? Blown


This isn't a 


the-basement” thing

This is real. Intense. Hardcore. 

This is 4000+ square feet of space and sunshine to get you MOVING! 

Image by Sarah Cervantes

But this isn't a straight-off-the-shelf program that leaves you feeling

Stressed            |            Exhausted            |            Tired

This is a program that’s customized to

exactly what you need. 

You're gonna feel

Proud            |            Unstoppable            |            Strong

Women's Race

And... you’re gonna be part of

the strongest community

of women out there.

See you at the other side. 🤍

I’m READY to transform my body, feel the best I ever have, and join a group of unstoppable women today!

See you at the other side 🤍

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