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Image by Delaney Van

It's what's on the

inside that matters

(But the outside sure doesn't hurt)


Traditional Gyms

For women 

For men and women 

A mix of weights, endurance, cardio, strength

Specific to only one area of performance

Improves strength, mobility, flexibility

Improves strength

Natural, built-for-body performances

Workout machines and heavy-lifting

Balanced, safe techniques, accountable gains

Less balanced gains and less accountability

Individual coaching throughout workouts

“Umm, am I doing this right????”

Individual guidance (like a personal trainer!)

Trainer focused on class instruction

Community based and supportive growth

Self motivated and little camaraderie

All of MISSFIT techniques and workouts evolve from the movements we naturally do daily, like running and squats. There's nothing artificial about the workouts we do, such as complex and unnatural machinery. Rather, we focus on what our bodies naturally do to help make them stronger and healthier.


compares to

traditional gyms

MISSFIT is created
by the girls, for the girls

Each class is VERY DIFFERENT. 

Some trainings focus on cardio, some on strength, and some on both… 

But the goal is the same: a program that is tweaked, molded, and perfected for a woman. 

You're getting the absolute balance for you, and  NOT an off-the-shelf class. 

Image by Scott Webb
Image by Alexander Jawfox
Image by bruce mars

Close-up personal

Hyper Tailored

For all levels

Image by John Arano
Image by Samantha Gades
Image by dylan nolte

Optimal physique

Balanced results

So you'll overpower your goals and do things you never thought you could do, like carrying that huge FedEx box inside, all while living your best life possible.

Total judgment-free zone!

*Enjoy a free trial class, no credit card required

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