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 Focus on your self.

And feel perfectly in-place doing it.

Meet Esther and Meital, the hearts behind MISSFIT.

Meital and I are both moms…

And at a certain point you wake up, and you realize you’ve basically put yourself on the back burner.

“That’s when we decided enough is enough.

We're not gonna be victims of just being “busy”!

I started working out after my second child. 

I came to a CrossFit gym and it changed my life. 


“And that’s when she convinced me to join,”  Meital shares.


You’re first like, HOW am  I gonna DO this?

And then you’re like, but I WILL do this! And I'll crush it.

Meital and Esther were there for more than 3 years and are now both certified trainers.


They were also both posting on their  (private!)

accounts, and showing CrossFit. And then, something happened.

It's what the people women wanted

“We noticed that the women on Instagram were  loving it!”


Women like Aliza, Stacy and Shirel*... And they wanted in too. 

*names changed for privacy

Meital laughs: “So, we did something about it…”

And it’s a 4400 sq ft gym basically located in your backyard.


Stalk the gram: @MISSFITNJ

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Dare to be


Miss New York, Miss America, Miss “FIT”:

 It’s a title! And in our gym, women are worthy of such a title :)


She’s someone who does things her own way. 

She lives a little more on the edge. She lives a little more.

She's a MISSFIT.

  • Lock into the membership price of $149

"You're so busy with everyone else.

You’re being a good wife, a great Mommy, daughter, friend, employee… this is an area where you get to be busy for yourself:

I deserve to look good and feel confident!

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